To deliver High-end networking courses modern and world class infrastructure is an absolute must. Please look forward to work on the very latest technology as we maintain stringent "Lab update" policy.

Lab update policy

We understand in the constantly evolving world of IT changes and upgrades are the order of the day. To ensure that you will never lag behind working on the outdated equipments and technology our labs are updated to keep you ahead from the rest. We take proud in having the most advance Cisco lab which was completely revamped in January 2007 to accommodate the revised curriculum. Outdated 2600, 3600 series of routers are no longer used for any Cisco certification Courses. As per the need of Cisco revised curriculum for certification courses we will provide training only on the latest ISR routers.

We are committed to provide you the best training experience and hence expect same high class training and infrastructure for any Cisco Certification track whether its CCNA, CCNP , CCSP , CCIP or CCIE_LAB. Our CCIE_LAB R&S rack boast of all ISR routers consisting of modern 2811 and 1841 routers. You get "4 Multilayer switch" topology with three 3560 and one 3550 catalyst switch.

CCIE LAB security

We are delighted to announce that “Security Lab training will commence In March 2008”. Our security Rack has the following equipments.

ASA 5510 3 units
Pix 501 1 unit
VPN concentrator 3005
IPS 4215
6 ISR Routers with Advance Enterprise IOS
3560 Switch with Advance IP Service
Windows 2003 Server with CA/ ACS 4.0 version
Cisco Security Agent Version 5.2